Mans Ring.

We crafted by hand this wonderful image of an heraldic St George and The Dragon on top quality natural lapis mans ring..

We hand made Regnas signet ring as it is so beautiful or wear it to show your support for Your Dear England.

A sterling silver chassis with the Cross of Jerusalem shoulder embellishments to create a wonderful and unique ring.

The eight balls around the oval face of the ring help to protect it as well as making it more impressive.

The carved oval measures just 22 x 18 mm (7/8 x 11/16 inch).

I include sizing the ring to fit your finger in my price. Note ring size tab to right.

I include worldwide shipping by insured, registered track-able post in my price.

All my pieces are covered by my 30 day warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 30 days for an immediate refund or replacement.

Catalog number : 889

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