Gold Custom Ring; We manufacture and supply custom made jewelry.

This is for ‘Gold Custom Ring’. A medium Heraldic’. The ring stone size will be 22 x 18 mm or a round or square equivalent size.

YOU have the choice of minerals stone variety and all custom work, I.E it will be YOUR crest,–that is –shoulder decorations–ring lettering etc.

This offer includes all materials including ring body in 9 or 10 K yellow Gold, all labor engraving and gold work and insured delivery. Can also be 9 k or 10 k depending on your preference. We also make in 14/15 and 18 k. Please ask prices..

When we have your address we can send you our ring designer page which will help us both.

Top quality for top people. Please buy this offer…John at Regnas

Please note it takes about 24 days usually to make and dispatch this custom ring.

Ask many questions –we have the answers

Catalog number CRW204114.