Welcome to Regnas Jewelry Mens Pendants
We make our mens pendants in the same fashion as our rings and cufflinks. The main criteria therefore are fully handmade by real craftsmen using genuine materials. We craft gold and silver pendants and also make our specialist gemstone pendants that are hand carved or engraved.

We offer a wide choice of colors from the variety of stones that we use. Enjoy the fun and exciting royal blue of Lapis Lazuli pendants or the varieties of green Jade pendants found next to the reds of Red Jasper and Red Agate. The black of Black Agate against gold makes a real impression. More classic style and elegance.

Our sub engraved Rock Crystal pendants have always been popular. The designs are magnified by the crystal cabochons. We often leave our pendants without backs so that the light can shine through to illuminate the designs.

We include our heraldic lions, wolves, cockatrices and dragons in our designs. You will discover roundels, ovals, squares and rectangles as well as shield shape pendants.

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