Cufflinks for men – welcome to the Regnas designer cufflinks collection.
We created a range of cufflinks for men that feature a variety of both gemstones and metals as well as styles and designs. We have an understanding and passion for heraldic designs due to our English heritage. You will therefore find rampant wolves and heraldic lions along with cockatrice, dragons and other ‘beasties’ in our selection of cufflinks for men. We also create Masonic designs due in part to our fascination with heraldry.  Additionally we feature a variety of crosses and shields and other, more esoteric designs.

Perhaps our greatest strength is the ability to achieve fine, detailed stone carving as well as engraving.

We also love the classic elegance and beauty of the traditional cufflinks. We craft cabochon ovals as well as lozenge shapes, shields squares and rectangles. They are attached to shirt cuffs using a variety of devices. The traditional chain as well as chain and bar are found next to the more modern swivel attachments.

Please make your selection from our catalogue of cufflinks for men.

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