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Regnas Jewelry for men is a small team dedicated to creating interesting items of male jewelry for people looking to buy mens jewelry online. We are driven by a love of fine Objets that developed over many years living in England and France. We traded in antiques for a while and also traveled the world extensively. Our original focus was on handcrafted luxury mens jewelry including luxury mens rings and cufflinks. Over time we have branched out and you will now find a range of pendants for men along with some brooches, shirt studs and earrings in our mens jewelry store. We couldn’t help indulging in our love of silver boxes including snuff boxes, pill boxes and card cases.

We turned our back on any type of automation or mass production. Our team are all artists designers and craftsmen. Regnas craftsmen carve, engrave and polish stones in most instances using the same methods that were used hundreds of years ago. We make molds for the ring chassis and pour molten gold and silver to create the chassis and the encasement for cufflinks and pendants.

We now operate from Northern Thailand where we can be close to our stone carvers and engravers. it is also convenient for sourcing high quality stones from the various countries that surround us. There is a vibrant trade in semi precious stones and gemstones. Thai gold is usually traded at 18k and we sometimes make solid gold items using 9k gold which is more resilient, cost effective and still maintains the feeling and luster of pure gold.

Luxury Mens Jewelry

All our products are hand made by local craftsmen that have passed their skills on from generation to generation. We are fortunate to be able to create high quality luxury mens jewelry including luxury mens rings, cufflinks and pendants.

Naturally with handmade jewelry no two pieces are ever exactly the same. It is exciting knowing that your jewelry from the Regnas mens jewelry store is unique in so many ways. We use natural stones, untreated wherever possible. One exception is that we so use synthetic Amethyst sometimes, especially for our reverse engraving items. This is because we need the transparency to be as even as possible for these items. We always state clearly if we are using synthetic stone. No two pieces of stone are ever exactly the same. With our cufflinks we create the pairs of stones from the same rock but they can never be exact duplicates. Our handmade jewelry items are therefore unique. Our jewelry has added character and therefore is more personal and more cherished by our customers.

Luxury Mens Jewelry - The Regnas Collection

Buy mens jewelry online

Buy Mens Jewelry Online

We sell our catalogue of luxury mens  rings, cufflinks for men and mens pendants here in our mens jewelry store. Regnas are very experienced in online selling having started out on Ebay more than 15 years ago. We then moved over to Etsy and we still have a full catalogue available there. Our customers have been leaving 5 star reviews on Etsy for many years.

However without the extra fees associated with running the Etsy store, if you are looking to buy mens jewelry online, this is the place to do it. You will find better prices with the same great customer service. Please take a look through our mens jewelry store – the best place to buy mens jewelry online.

Luxury Mens Rings

We have a large selection of luxury mens rings. Because of our interest in heraldry you will find a selection of signet rings and family crest rings. What sets us apart is our combination of skilled carvers and the use of stones rather than metal for the ring faces. Along with the heraldic designs we also create more esoteric designs. Some of our luxury mens rings are popular with people that appreciate very large rings. We create some truly eye catching and huge rings. In fact size wise we go from around 9mm to over 30mm ring faces.

Luxury Mens Rings - Mens Jewelry Store

Jewelry For Women

Our main focus is on male jewelry but many of our smaller rings are also suitable for women to wear. In fact women are taking more interest in heraldic jewelry but that is possibly due to the animals involved. Wolves, foxes and other heraldic animals are also attractive designs in themselves. The divide between male jewelry and female jewelry is getting much smaller as social norms develop. We do have some earrings in our store and also our mens pendants are actually, in the main, suitable for women.

Custom Mens Jewelry

Most people looking to buy mens jewelry online are looking for jewelry that is ready to ship. Here at Regnas we also have a dedicated mens jewelry store to cater for custom jewelry. Our Regnas Custom Jewelry website has 3 important parts. A ring designer, cufflink designer and pendant designer. We encourage you to think carefully about your designs as you scroll down the designer page making selections as you go. When you get to the bottom you will in fact have completed a form with the details of your design. With one press of a button you can then send us your design and we can start to put the pieces together. We work with you to create YOUR dream jewelry. You can check out our testimonials section where you will see that we have many very happy customers.

Male Jewelry -luxury mens jewelry

Luxury mens jewelry from The Regnas Collection – We look forward to serving you