The Regnas Collection
The Regnas Collection

Jewellery for Men – Regnas Jewelry – Men’s Jewelry Online

We create jewellery for men including a selection of mens rings, cufflinks for men and mens pendants. Our craftsmen are experienced stone carvers and engravers and our men’s jewelry is created with natural materials, gemstones and precious metals.

Men’s Jewelry

We are passionate about our jewelry. It is a hobby that turned into a successful business but we would be creating items of mens jewelry even if we did not have the business. We love to engage with enthusiasts that share our interests and in particular who are looking for something a little different from the mainstream mass produced jewelry that seem to have swamped the market. Find out more about Regnas Jewellery For Men here.

How to use our Mens Jewelry Website

Use the top navigation to find the main categories, rings, cufflinks and pendants in our online jewelry store. Go to ‘other products’ to find our shirt studs, earrings, brooches and silver boxes. You will usually find any sale items at the top of the list in each category of jewelry.  You can also use the search box in the menu. Look for the magnifying glass icon. There is also a search box at the bottom of every page. When you find an item of men’s jewelry that you are interested in just click on the photo and it will take you through to a detailed page about that item.

Product Information Pages

You will find a selection of photos of our jewellery for men product. If you put the mouse over the image it will magnify it for you and you can therefore see much more detail of the jewelry. Please be patient, sometimes you might have to wait for a second while the large image loads. This function is not available on all products. To move through the gallery of images click on the left and right arrows or click on the small image underneath.

On the rings pages you will see a place to include your ring finger size. We size all rings to your finger and that is included in our price. We therefore need your finger size before we can send any rings from our men’s jewelry collection.

Further down the page is a more detailed description of the jewellery for men product that you are interested in. Please note that there are options to view ‘Additional Information’ and ‘Reviews’. The additional information section will give you more details of the jewelry as well as explaining how to proceed through the shopping cart and check out. If there are any reviews available for the product you will find them in the reviews section.

The Shopping Cart and Checkout

When you have added some products to your shopping cart you must proceed through checkout in order to complete the purchase. We try to keep it simple but we need your address in order to ship your goods. Please note: We only need your phone number if you have selected to use our expedited shipping option. FedEx will not handle the delivery unless they have a contact phone number. There is an option to add FedEx shipping. Our default shipping option is included in the price. When you have completed the address and selected your shipping type you can proceed through to PayPal in order to make payment. You do not have to have a PayPal account to complete payment using a debit or credit card.

If you should have any issues with using the Regnas jewellery for men online store please contact us – we will be very happy to help.