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Custom Cuff Links Designer
We invite you to use this page to help you create your own custom cuff links. We hope you will find it fun as well as useful.

We can only show the more popular stones and designs but are willing to source any number of other gemstones not listed here.

We usually manage to incorporate any designs we receive.

When you reach the bottom of the page we invite you to send your selection and comments through to us and we will get back to you with a plan to turn your dream cuff links into reality. Most of our hand engraved custom cuff links are priced between $350 - $490.

You can always email us directly using

Before we get started you may wish to view our PHOTO GALLERRIES for more inspiration. Please be patient while this page loads.

As you work your way down this form you can hover your mouse pointer on words to see an example of what that word refers to. Try it here. If you wondered what Amethyst can look like put your mouse pointer on this word

OK let's get started
First we will choose a gemstone
Type of stone
This is a selection of some of the most popular stones. Colours can vary.
Shape and size of your cuff links Size ( Length and width i.e 16 x 14 mm )

Size ( Width i.e 16 mm ) Size ( Length and width i.e 14 x 14 mm ) Size ( Length and width i.e 16 x 14 mm ) Size ( Length and width i.e 16 x 14 mm )
Would you like to include a bezel?
(a rim around the stone setting)
Do you want it engraved? If YES then choose what style of engraving
Style of engraving

You can send your engraving design to us as an email attachment to ....


If you require help choosing a design use the box below to explain your ideas. If you want to investigate adding your Family Crest we will be able to assist you. We have a long history of finding Family Crests based on your name and we are expert at Heraldic design. We have also made very personal designs. Basically we will have a go at anything. Our purpose is to turn your dreams into actual pieces of jewellery.

Now let's choose the method of attachment
Type of metal
Type of attachment
Please use the box below to enter other details or comments about your ring design.
Remember that we can use many other gemstones and are very willing to try new ideas.
To send your images use this email or
Take care to supply your contact details so that we can get back to you with information about your design
You must complete these boxes to send us your design.
email address
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