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We ship our branded and custom made jewelry products Worldwide free of charge by registered post. For special 4 day FedEx service just pay a nominal $45 extra for each combined order. Regnas collection design, manufacture and market all their own jewelry products and from the finest materials. Thus we are able to provide the very best value and style.

Our craftsman jade carvers and silversmiths have very long traditions of their crafts and have developed techniques that will bring you jewelry of the highest quality. Our love of heraldry and family crests underlines our European heritage.

Our Rings
Our ladies and gentlemens jewelry rings often display historic heraldic noble family crest designs but increasingly incorporate others often suggested to us by our customers. The jewelry rings for men and women range from amazing signet rings to the exotic, elegant and chic. Choose mens rings that reflect your personality. Our family crest rings that you pick aren't just seen as simple rings anymore, it is also a fashion accessory that will be with you for a long time. Above all they are made of high quality natural materials by craftsmen passionate about their work

Our Cufflinks
Here at Regnas, we specialize in custom cufflinks especially involving heraldic designs. We have a large variety of custom handmade cufflinks that display the same degree of quality and craftsmanship as our ladies and mens jewelry rings. For many men cufflinks which are sculpted or engraved in a variety of styles and fitments are an essential part of their wardrobe. Again only high quality natural materials are used.

Other Gifts
Our carvers enjoy making other sculptures that we stock and we have a fine range of silver boxes, including snuff boxes, silver pill boxes and smaller pill boxes. These silver boxes often feature engraved or sculpted gemstone attachments.

Exotic Leather Belts and Wallets
We are able to source and supply a large variety of exotic leather wallets and belts like crocodile wallets, leather belts and others. All are made from genuine leathers.

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